Re-assessment CCN1 + 3

Re-assessment of CCN1 and any three of the following appliances MET1, CKR1, HTR1 & CENWAT.


This course is for gas installers who need to renew their domestic ACS qualifications.

Re-assessment can be completed up to 6 months before existing qualifications expire and no more than 12 months after expiry.

Installers may only undertake gas appliance re-assessment in modules which they have previously been certificated under the ACS scheme.

If you can not find any suitable date please contact us. 

Re-assessment CCN1 + 3
Re-assessment CCN1 + 3
Core + 3

There are no certificates available for this course.

Certification fee is included
We do not charge VAT

Graded "Outstanding" by OFSTED
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